While at work I recognized an annoying problem with multipe screens: I often forget to change the focus of the windows to the screen I’m currently looking at. The result: In that cases I want to type in a window on screen A and all text go’s into a window on screen B. Very annoying.

But here is a possible solution: Because all screens have intregrated webcams, it would be possible to grab images from these webcams and use an eyetracking software to determinate at which screen I’m currently looking. With the help of the window manager the focused window could change accordingly and I would never type onto to wrong screen anymore.
But as usual, the problem is the missing implementation. I couldn’t find any eyetracking software for linux which is able to use v4l2-devices and I also don’t know if any window manager is capable of changing the focused window in that manner.

If you know a working solution for my problem or already implemented such eyetracking-stuff, just leave me a comment. 😀